Integration of IoT and Fog: Need of the Hour

Manpreet Singh, Ramanpreet Kaur


With the advancement in electronics & communication
industry internet becomes part of our life. In this scenario it is required
to connect each & every device using internet which gives the concept
of “Internet of Things”. It is a novel paradigm which is based on
artificial intelligence and enhances the concept of Machine to Machine
interaction. As millions of devices are connected together so there is a
need of a platform that is used to handle the processing of dozens of
data generated by these connected devices. Cloud remote centers are
not suitable for this purpose because it takes a lot of time to transfer a
large amount of data to cloud centers which increases the processing
time. On the other hand cloud is not suitable for applications that need
low delay. To solve this problem extension of cloud “Fog Computing”
is used. In this paper we focus our attention on the integration of Fog
and IoT. Many works in literature have surveyed Fog and IoT
separately: their main properties, features, underlying technologies,
and open issues. But these works lack a detailed analysis of the Fog and
IoT paradigm. We start analyzing and discussing the need for
integrating them, application areas that are benefitted from this
integration the challenges deriving from such integration, and
implementation of this integrated environment in the field.


Keywords: Fog, IoT, Smart device

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