Design and implementation of Intelligent Household LED Lighting System considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction Based on the Technology of PoE

Girish V Chavan, Prof. Anil Wanare


Now a day energy saving has one of the most importance thinks. The large amount of energy waste is introduced by not efficient use
of the consumer electronic. Specially a lighting system can be accounts great part of overall consumption of energy. There are many advanced
lighting system can be introduced in the current markets, because the traditional lighting system is outdated and energy-inefficient. Because of
this reason the existing lighting system cannot be successfully applied to the office building and home. Therefore, the propose system of this
LED lighting system considering user satisfaction and energy efficiency. The proposed system can be use wireless communication technology
and multi sensors in order to control an LED light system according to the user satisfaction and energy efficiency. The proposed systems of new
LED lighting system can automatically control and minimum light intensity value to improve both user satisfaction and energy efficiency. By
using this new LED lighting system large amount of reduce the power consumption.

Keywords: New LED lighting system, reducing the minimum light intensity control algorithm, control on situation awareness, POE Module.

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