Smart Poultry Farm Monitoring Using IOT and Wireless Sensor Networks

Rupali B. Mahale, Dr. S. S. Sonavane


From last few years, the chicken production in the world has been increasing gradually because of standardized farming management
and good manufacturing practices. According to world’s agricultural produce survey, chicken is the most favourite produce, since it is a nutrientrich
food providing high protein, low fat and low cholesterol, and lower energy than other kinds of poultries. From last few days around the
world, there has been an increased level of awareness regarding the safety of food products like chickens and there has been a high demand for
good quality chicken food. This paper is highlighted the technology based solution for low cost, asset saving, quality oriented and productive
management of chicken framing. This study intended to explore utilizing an Intelligent System which used an Embedded Framework and Smart
Phone for monitoring chicken farm to control environmental parameters using smart devices and technologies.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi2, Arduino, Sensors, Smart phone, Embedded System

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