An Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person and Monitoring using GSM and GPS

Vishal S. Borle, Prof. S. N. Kulkarni


From last few years, various fall detection solutions have been previously proposed to create a reliable surveillance system for elderly
people. The eldercare problem becomes important due to the population aging. A fall accident may cause serious injury to the elderly person.
How to automatically detect a fall and quickly launch a help message becomes crucial, particularly for those elderly living alone. In this paper,
an enhanced fall detection system proposed for elderly person monitoring that is based on smart sensor worn on body. The principle behind this
work is detection of changes in the motion and position using sensor which track the acceleration changes in three orthogonal directions. The
data from sensors is continuously analyzed algorithmically to determine the accuracy of fall. When the fall is detected the GPS is locates the
exact fall location and GSM modem is used to transmit the message to the mobile phone of care takers/relatives of the fallen subjects. This alert
message helps to provide immediate assistance and treatment.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Fall Detection System, Elderly Monitoring, GPS, GSM, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, ARM.

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