A Coverage and Latency Aware Route Recovery from multiple Node failure in Mobile Sensor Network

Kiran V. Likhar, Prof. Shyam Dubey


In wireless sensor network, sensor and actor are linked by wireless medium in distributed network to perform actuation task. sensor collect information and actor response to it depend on their surroundings. Failure of an actor partition the network and lose connectivity and formed different block To overcome this failure we used here least disruptive topology repair algorithm to relocate node and path between nodes is not extended. In this paper we propose actor placement mechanism that consider both delay requirement and coverage of area. Each actor reposition itself to new position and reduced latency. Here we also use DARA and PDARA to maintain list of their multi hop neighbour and determine their scope. Ledir don’t require additional pre failure communication overhead.

Keywords: Least Disruptive topology , inter-actor data, WSN, topology management, DARA

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i8.2603


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