An Ontological Informatics on Development of Tablet Drug in Pharmaceutical Industry

Akande Oyebola, Akinkunmi Babatunde Opeoluwa, Ayorinde Ibiyinka Temilola


In production enterprise like pharmaceutical, considerable time and money is spent in training new employee to be familiar with fundamental process of production and to master its complexity. Since the training does not guarantee trainees’ good understanding, the complex structure of production is retained. There is need for Pharmaceutical students to be familiar with industry based realities concerning production process. Therefore, a knowledge based system is needful to aid industrial training process and teaching, The knowledge based system, in this case, which is an ontology, will enable trainees and students to systematically learn at their pace in order to master the complexity of the production process. Thus, this paper develops a task oriented ontology which is explicit, expressive, and can naturally represent the production activities of tablet drugs. The ontology is built by formalizing the terminologies and constraints based on both Allen interval temporal logic and McDermott’s logic of time points. The axioms were written in first order logic and implemented using Prolog programming language. The competency of the ontology was tested using competency questions, which the ontology could answer, with the use of simple queries. The ontology developed can be reused in representing production activities of capsules, gels, injections and creams.

Keywords:knowledge based system; tablet drugs; formalization; production process; ontology.

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