Garage Parking Automation System

Shivendra Pratap Singh, Ankur Kumar Jain


Metropolitan cities in India are getting more and more populated leading to a lot of traffic and this traffic gets worst when there is no proper parking space available. The current scenario of parking in most cities is chaotic. Most of the parking in manually handled and hence lack proper management and structure. Some parking spaces are computerized but they are not reliable and inefficient. The situation of parking get extremely chaotic at peak hours, at times it happens that even with ample space the parking space is not fully utilized. Customers are confused in search of parking space which is not known to them. All these inefficiency and confusion leads to loss of the Parking space owner. In this project, we propose a fully computerized well managed and efficient system to solve all the problems pestering the current parking scenario. Online reservation is provided so that customers can register and reserve parking space beforehand. Proper management for on spot customers who have not reserved parking spaces is provided manually. All the parking spots are well organized with numbers and installed with spot sensors. Efficient algorithms are used to schedule the parking space and provide shortest distance from the entry gate to parking spot to the customers hence increasing the efficiency of the whole system. The Projects makes the complete parking scenario well organized, sophisticated and highly efficient.

Keywords: Parking; Garage; Automatic Parking; Computerized Parking.

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