Implementation of Face Detection and Facial Emotion Recognition Methods

Dharshan Kumar S.K, Santhosh Kumar K L


Human face recognition is very important in many applications. The initial step in the procedure of Face Identification and Recognition is to detect it efficiently. A hybrid technique has been proposed using skin detection and block approach. This integration is projected to attain fast skin detection. Block approach means dividing the complete image virtually into blocks in addition to that, corner pixels of it are employed with new skin detection ranges. If all the four corner pixels fulfill the ratios entirely, the complete block will be accounted as a skin block and if no corner pixel fulfils these ratios completely, the entire block will be concluded as a non-skin block. Even if some of the corner pixels match the ratios then the block will be scanned sequentially for skin pixels. Another face-detection algorithm presents an efficient, adept rule depending skin region separation method by means of equalized r-g color model. The proposed pattern eradicates the non-skin pixels applying a quadratic polynomial standard and several color depending rules to select probable lip and eye parts.


Keywords: Face Detection, Facial Feature Extraction, Quadratic Polynomial Model, Block Approach, Facial Expression Recognition

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