Removal of selective Black Hole Attack with Alarm System by DSR Algorithm

Gurbir Singh, Nitin Bhagat


In mobile ad hoc network, each node acts as a router to set up a route and transfer data. It is more open to security problems. When a node wants to transfer data, packets are transferred through the intermediate nodes. Thus, searching and setting up a route from a source node to a destination node is an significant task. There are several routing protocols. The existing routing protocols are optimized to perform the routing process without considering the security problem. Black hole attack is one of the routing attacks in which, a malicious node uses the routing protocol to advertise itself as having the shortest path to the node whose data it wants to capture. DSR is the most suitable routing protocols for the MANETs and it is less vulnerable to black hole attack as compared to AODV. Alarm technique is been proposed which is based on the fake route request packets to detect and alarm black hole attack in MANET.


Keywords: Malicious node, Ad hoc, detection and prevention of Blackhole Attack, routing, Blackhole Attack.

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