Cryptographic Key Exchange Scheme for Cloud Based Healthcare Monitoring

Lovepreet Kaur, Mr. Munish Mahajan


Healthcare monitoring sensor networks’ based on cloud (C-HMSN) is collection of sensor nodes attached to patient’s body and an each patient connecting through wireless connections. These systems set a stage to share medical applications, information and other types of data analysis in a fully automated way. Because these nodes are connected through wireless network with each other and base stations, it becomes a highly prone network to the hacking attacks .Patients’ data confidentiality and communication safety are the main facets that would increase the belief of users in remote healthcare systems. HMSN are protected with automatic key management schemes. Current cryptographic key distribution and management techniques usually consume larger amount of energy and put high computational overheads on Wireless Sensor Nodes. The cryptographic keys are used on different communication levels of HMSN communications i.e. neighbor nodes, base stations and cluster heads. An effective corporate key management and distribution policy is required to maintain the security of the wireless sensor networks that permits only authorized applications/users to use the keys. In this paper, we will review the “Keep it Simple and Secure” corporate key management technique adaptable for the HMSNs by making it energy efficient.

Keywords: Healthcare monitoring; Cloud healthcare monitoring; key exchange; cloud security; Body Sensor Network; Wireless Body Area Network.

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