Switching Directional Median Filter Specially Designed for Impulse Noise and Its Comparison with other Median Filters

Juvin Agrawal, Mohit Mishra


Now a days, median filters are used to de-noise corrupted digital images. A variety of noises occur in the channel but the major occurrence is of impulse noise. The hardship in de-noising is that the image gets corrupted with a high density of impulse noise. Median filters are modified to provide better results on corrupted images. A new median filter based on detection and de-noising technique is proposed to reduce the frequent occurrence of salt & pepper impulse noise. The proposed method is very effective in de-noising the images corrupted with high density salt & pepper noise.

Keywords: SMF (standard median filter), SWMF (switching weighted median filter), DWM (directional weighted median filter), DWMSP (directional weighted median filter for salt & pepper).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i2.2426


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