New Ways of Learning OO Concepts through Visualization &Animation Techniques for Novices

Uma Sharma


Teaching fundamentals of object oriented programming at introductory level remains to be a serious pedagogical challenge. The fact remains that object oriented programming subsumes many of the constructs of structured programming in addition to its own special constructs and abstractions. Researchers abroad have made several studies on the first course in programming and have gathered data related to learning difficulties of novice vis-à-vis their dropout rate, including any gender biases etc. Animation of program execution can be used to help the student “put the pieces together”. Visualization is one approach to assisting the learner in finding out what task each piece can be expected to perform and how the pieces work together to perform the overall task of solving the problem at hand. The main purpose of this study has been to use the research findings to improve on the future offerings of the course in programming using “Object First" approach. In this paper, we try to find out different softwares which makes easier for novices to learn OO concepts through animation and visualisation techniques

Key-words:visualization tools, Animation tools, OO conceots, object-first approach,challenges to OO approach

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