Survey On Functional Minimum Storage Regenerating Codes for Fault Tolerance Cloud Storage

Chetankumari Naik, Rajanna M


Recent advances have given rise to popularity and successes of cloud computing. Cloud storage enables users to remotely store their data and enjoy the on-demand remote backup service. To provide fault tolerance for cloud storage recent studies proposed to stripe data across multiple cloud vendors. If cloud suffers from a permanent failure and losses all its data, we need to repair the lost data with the help of the other surviving clouds to preserve data redundancy. NCCloud is a proof of concept prototype of a network coding based file system that aims at providing fault tolerance and reducing the storage capacity when storing files using multiple cloud storage.NCCloud is a proxy based file system that interconnects multiple storage nodes, which achieves cost effective repair for permanent single-cloud failure. It is built on top of a network coding-based storage scheme called functional minimum storage regenerating (FMSR) codes. Compared to traditional optimal erasure codes FMSR codes maintains the same storage overhead under the same data redundancy level, but uses less repair traffic during the recovery of a single failed node.NCCloud realizes regenerating codes in practical cloud storage system that does not require any encoding/decoding intelligence on the cloud storage nodes.

Keywords: Regenerating codes, network coding, fault tolerant system, recovery, encoding, implementation, repair

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