Improved Trilateral Filter Based Dark Channel Prior For Haze Removal

Alisha Chug, Mr.Shashi Bhushan, Mr. Karan Mahajan


Fog is just a mixture of two components airlight and direct attenuation, it reduces the image quality and creates large amount of problems in video surveillance, tracking and navigation. Thus, to eliminate it from a picture, several defogging methods have been proposed in literature. Defogging can be achieved utilizing various images and single image fog removal strategy. Fog removal algorithms are most utilized for a lot of vision applications. It has been found that nearly all the existing scientific study has neglected many issues; i.e. no strategy is perfect for diverse circumstances. In this paper, a new technique of fog removal has been presented. This technique combines Dark Channel Prior and CLAHE based fog removal algorithm with trilateral filter. The algorithm has been designed and implemented and in MATLAB. Experiments shows that the proposed algorithm has better results as compared to previous algorithms on the basis of various parameters.

Keywords: Fog Removal, Visibility Restoration

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