The Extended Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Network with Modified PKI

Er.Harjivan Singh Brar, Er. Mandeep Singh Sandhu


Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) technology spreads widely in these days. It is suitable for environments that need on fly setup. A lot
challenges come with implementing these networks. The most sensitive challenge that MANET faces is the security issue. Traditional Public
Key cryptography (PKC) and Identity based Cryptography (IBE) are slow and not suitable for these environments because of the nodes
resources limitations. This paper is going to discuss the security of MANET using the PKI schemes in an efficient way. In this paper we have
presented a new algorithm that will extend the drawbacks of PKI technique and make the network much secure and reliable for small and larger
scale networks. Keys and certificates have to be issued to each node (trusted), neglecting malicious nodes on the track and finding the valid route
to transfer the data.


Keywords: Mobile Ad hoc Networks, Security, Public Key Cryptography, Trusted authority, Central Authority.

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