Prototype of Information System of Tangible Cultural Heritage Documents Management

Khafiizh Hastuti, Abu Salam,L. Budi Handoko, Erwin Yudi Hidayat


The geographical position of Central Java which is in the middle of the island of Java, making it a melting pot of cultures as well as the cultural center of Java island. Cultural heritage is divided into tangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage. Tangible cultural heritage is the work of the human body that can be moved or moving, or that cannot be moved or did not move. Department of Culture and Tourism of Central Java has documented manually cultural heritage but very vulnerable to damage. There are also many cultural heritages that have not been recorded. The process of data collection and recording are very difficult, since the data sources are scattered and not well organized. Documentation of cultural heritage in Central Java can be used as an information system database for a wide range of cultural interests in Central Java. The aim is to facilitate and ease The Department of Culture and Tourism of Central Java to documents and records cultural heritage collections for the category of tangible cultural heritage. In the long-term plan, this system can be used as a reference by another region, thus forming the national cultural heritage documentation system.

Keywords: Tangible cultural heritage, database, information system, documentation, multimedia data

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