Natural Language Interface to Databases – An Implementation

Er. Annu Battan, Er. Amit Chaudhary


Information can be stored in a computer file to make a list easier and faster to use. Such a file is called a database. Database Management Systems (DBMS) have been widely used for storing and retrieving data. However, databases are commonly hard to use because storing and retrieving the information from database requires the knowledge of database language like SQL. Structured Query Language (SQL) is standard for accessing and manipulating the information stored in database. But everybody not has known about the structure and syntax of SQL. So NLIDB is developed that use natural language and convert this NL to SQL Query. The idea of using NL (natural language) has prompted the development of new type of processing method called Natural Language Interface to Database systems (NLIDB). So everybody retrieve information from database easily without any knowledge of SQL queries.


Keywords: Natural Language Interface to Database, Hindi Language Interface to Database, Lexicon, Tokenizer, Structured Query Language, Database Management Systems

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