A Low Power 27.4GHz Differential LC Oscillator using 45 nM in submicron Technology

B. R. Mankar, Prof. Dr. S. V. Rode


A CMOS differential LC Oscillator is investigated, which is capable of operating at millimetre- wave (MMW) range with low dc power consumption. Very few CMOS in LC Oscillator are also used. The differential LC Oscillator is demonstrated through 26 GHz integrated LC Differential Oscillator implemented in Microwind’s CMOS 0.45 nm-High K/Metals – 3rd generation Strain-8 metal copper process. The oscillator uses one inductor, two capacitors, two NMOS and two PMOS as its tank circuit. With core power consumption of 0.297mW at 27.00C. This Differential LCO is believed to have the best figure of merit among MMW LCO’s suing bulk CMOS process.


Keywords: CMOS, LC Tank, Differential oscillator, Design methodology, Phase Noise.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i6.2231


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