Improved Modified Dark Channel Prior to Fog From Color Images

Rajbir kaur, Vijay kumar Banga


Fog formation is because of attenuation and airlight. Attenuation degrades the contrast and airlight enhances the whiteness in the scene. Atmospheric conditions created by suspended particles, such as fog and haze, severely degrade image quality. Fog removal from a single image is a difficult task, because the fog is dependent on the unknown depth information. This paper has proposed a new fog removal technique IDCP which will integrate dark channel prior with CLAHE to remove the fog from digital images. Fog in image reduces the visibility of the digital images. A number of factors such as fog, mist and haze formed by the water droplets in the air leads to poor visibility. The proposed algorithm is designed and implemented in MATLAB using image processing toolbox. The comparison among dark channel prior and the proposed algorithm is also drawn based upon certain performance parameters. The comparison analysis has shown that the proposed algorithm has shown quite effective results.


Index terms: Visibility restoration, Airlight map, Fog removal and Haze.

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