An Approach Towards Grid Computing to Include Priority Based Min-Min Task-Scheduling Algorithm

Arunima Singh, Ashish Gautam


Grid computing provides the opportunity to use the resources in network to resolve the large scale tasks. The grid is globally distributed & consists of heterogenous loosely coupled data and resources. Grids use the resources of connected computers on the network and uses the results of these resources to easily perform complex calculation. Effective & efficient scheduling algorithm is needed for capabilities of large distributed systems. In this paper a new task scheduling algorithm “Min-Min task scheduling algorithm” has been introduced.The proposed algorithm tries to adopt the assets of this main algorithm and avoid its drawbacks by considering the priority concept . A proposed algorithm like Min-Min, estimates the completion time of the tasks on each resource and then selects the convenient resource for scheduling.The experimental outcome represents that the proposed algorithm enhanced overall minimum completion time of scheduling as compared to Min-Min algorithm.

Keywords: Grid computing, task scheduling algorithm, min-min task scheduling, completion time.

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