Comparative Study Of Decision Making Techniques For Multi-Attribute Decision Making Problems

Tb. Ai Munandar, Azhari, SN


The selection of the method of decision-making in order to determine the expected outcomes of the solution of the case of multi attributes is difficult because faced with the problems associated with the subjectivity and inconsistency of the results of the calculation. Therefore, scientists continue to develop a variety of approaches in order to produce the proper method with a minimal degree of subjectivity from the decision maker. This article discusses the literature review three methods of decision making by utilizing the weighting of the criteria in determining the outcome of the decision process. They are Analytical hierarchy process (AHP), TOPSIS and PROMETHEE. The discussion in this article is not intended to discredit one or several existing methods, however, because the presence of these three methods has provided significant benefits in the process of determining an alternative to the concept of decision support systems, and in certain cases subjectivity is required in the absence of mathematical procedures specific to describe human creative process in assessing something.

Keywords: decision-making, subjectivity, inconsistency, AHP, TOPSIS, PROMETHEE

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