The Comparative Study of Automated Face Morphing Methods for Images and Video

Harrmesh Sanghvi, D. R. Kasat,Sanjeev Jain, V. M. Thakare


For entertaining purposes, a computerized special effect referred to as “morphing” has enlarged huge attention because of the attraction of scenes persons saw around the display screen. Although various morphing algorithms have been developed that can be categorised as 2D and 3D object morphing and generally applied in animation and morphing, but there are few mechanisms to spread out these techniques to handle images and video sequences automatically, specially morphing of an expressive moving part in the video like human face. This paper surveys the growth of this field and describes the latest advances in Automatic face morphing in terms of feature specification, warping techniques, and various different scenarios. These areas relate to the simplicity of use and features of results.


Keywords: Face detection; Face morphing; Morph-able Model

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