Ranking Relevant Web Pages using Ontology

S. Yasodha, Dr. S.S. Dhenakaran


Conventional search engines like Google and Yahoo rely on keywords for searching and they fail to consider the semantics of the query. This leads to irrelevant ranking of Web pages. More sophisticated methods that do provide the relevant information for the query need to be designed. The Semantic Web that stores metadata as ontology could be used for this purpose. This paper proposes an ontology based framework for ranking Web pages. The proposed framework combines the Vector Space Model of Information Retrieval with Ontology. The framework constructs semantically annotated RDF (Resource Description Framework) files which form the RDF knowledgebase for each query which is used to rank the Web pages. The proposed framework has been evaluated by two measures, precision and relative recall.

Keywords: Ontology, Resource Description Framework, Knowledgebase, Semantic Web

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i3.2066


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