Automation of Attendance Posting System Using Messaging Services

Prof.P. Kalyanaraman, Kappagantula Aditya


This research highlights a new model of Attendance Posting System through mobile phones using SMS feature. The proposed system
eliminates all kinds of paper work involved in traditional attendance system. This is a one step process, which eliminates redundant data and
efforts. The proposed system can also be programmed to send attendance reports in the form of short messages to parents and students regularly.
In the proposed system, a user is given an application which, as a prerequisite has to be populated with student’s data. The user needs to
authenticate him/her self using a username and password. The application has a simple user interface displaying a list of students’ names and
their register numbers. The user marks the presence of a student using a check box. The marked attendance is converted to a predefined report
format and is then sent to a server in the form of a SMS. The SMS is the analysed at the server side and is updated to the respective students’
ERP accounts. This system does not require a third party provider like SMS Gateway Hardware or a Commercial SMS application developer.
This system can be further extended as an application that can be implemented in any educational institution.


Keyword: Attendance System, Mobile System, Economical, Mobile Phone Application, J2ME Applications, SMS Services.

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