A Weakness in 3pek Exchange Protocol using Parallel Message Transmission Technique

Archana Raghuvamshi, Prof.P. Premchand


Three-party encrypted key (3pek) exchange protocol plays an obligatory role in area of the secure communication in which two users can agree a common session key based on a low entropy password. In 2002, a password authenticated key exchange protocol based on RSA proposed by Zhu et al.. Later, an undetectable password-guessing attacks has shown by Yeh et al. on this scheme and also has given solutions for improvement. Recently, Chang and Chang proposed a novel three party simple key exchange protocol. Later, an Undetectable online password guessing attack has shown on the above protocol by Yoon and Yoo. Recently, a password key exchange protocol PSRJ was proposed and also claimed to be in-vulnerable to Undetectable online password guessing attack proposed by Yoon and Yoo..A detectable online password guessing attack has shown on this scheme and has given solutions for improvement by Archana et al. in 2012.Later some other version of the 3pek exchange protocol using parallel message Trasmission Technique has been proposed and claimed to be vulnerable.In this paper, we review this protocol and analyze its robustness for security.


Keywords: 3pek exchange protocol, authentication, cryptanalysis, security, undetectable on-line dictionary attack.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i11.1946


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