NS-2 based simulation environment for performance evaluation of UMTS Architecture

Waseem Abbas, Muhammad Asim Malik, Nasim Abbas


The paper presents our work in the performance evaluation of enhanced UMTS and proposes new simulator that supports wireless 3G networks. Existing network simulators are implemented using time based link level simulations and integrate system level and link level simulators. Our proposed network simulator assimilates time based link level simulations by extending network simulator into event based simulator. Extended simulator can be used to explore and investigate the network metrics (delay, loss, jitter, and throughput) associated with enhanced UMTS to evaluate the existing and future protocols and architectures and also evaluates the performance of radio interface as well as core network of UMTS. Simulation based results are presented in which the fairness of traffic scheduling algorithms for UMTS real time traffic that passes through UMTS core network and external IP bone network, based on DiffServ. A scenario modelling a demanding traffic mix for mobile users through different environments is evaluated and results are presented.

Keywords: EURANE; HSDPA; NS-2; Scheduling; UMTS;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i11.1941


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