Security Enhancement through Fine Grained Access Control in Cloud Computing

S. Rama Krishna, B. Padmaja Rani


Cloud computing has showed up as a popular design in managing world to back up managing large volumetric details using cluster of commodity computer systems. It is the newest effort in offering and managing computing as a service. Either program or Application, it is used to describe both. A cloud computing paradigm dynamically assigns, configures, relocates and de provisions these computing resources as needed. it also describes applications that are to be extended accessible through the Internet. Data security and availability management is one of the most complex ongoing studies in cloud managing, because of clients outsourcing their sensitive details to cloud service providers. Current alternatives that use genuine cryptographic techniques to reduce these security and availability management problems suffer from heavy computational cost on both data owner as well as the cloud service provider for key distribution and management. This paper capability based access control addresses this challenging problem to ensure only valid users will access the outsourced data. It reduces burden over the data owner for key management it is proposed to maintain key management in the cloud it self. This work also proposes some modifications in Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol to thwart from man in middle attack between cloud service provider and the user for secretly sharing a symmetric key for secure data access that alleviates the problem of key distribution and management at cloud service provider. The simulation run and research reveals that the recommended strategy is highly efficient and secured under current security designs.

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