Detection of the Effect of Sharpening of a Color Image Sharpened by Frequency Domain Filters and Identification of Roi using Morphological Mathematical Property

N. . Jayachandra, Dr. A.R..Nadira Banu Kamal


This study applies sharpening method to satellite images to have better enhancement of image. Image sharpening plays a vital role in image enhancement. Image Enhancement techniques are instigated for making satellite imageries more informative and helping to achieve the goal of image interpretation. We proved that image sharpening for color images using Fast Fourier Transformation is better than by using filters in spatial domain processing. High pass filtering method sharpens the image by attenuating the low frequencies and leaving the high frequencies of the Fourier transform relatively unchanged. The result is obtained by comparing PSNR value of high pass filters with spatial filters .High pass filtering is produces good representative to sharpen the satellite images. The effect of sharpening is detected and the edges of sharpened image is detected to segment the ROI using mathematical morphological property and the performance of edge detectors are evaluated using PSNR value.


Keywords: Fourier Transformation, spatial domain processing, PSNR, Satellite images, mathematical morphology.

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