Brain and Computer Work Alike: Binary Storage –Brain is Ram and Death is Shut-Down

Arya Tanmay Gupta


We humans are now-a-days continuously trying to develop a technology that will give artificial intelligence to machines. As I am studying a discipline course of Computer Science in University of Delhi, I also came across this thought. I also know a bit about human brain (or a general brain), though it comes under biology. I knew about some of the conclusions of biotechnology scholars after observing a working brain, thanks to Discovery Channel for this. I studied the Architecture Design of a Computer and found that it is similar to the working of a brain. This paper contains similarities in the functioning of brain versus a computer, the difference in the output of their working, some of the ways and conditions to develop artificial intelligence, and the possible consequences regarding this.


Keywords: - human, brain, computer, architecture, design, artificial, intelligence, technology

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