Evaluation of Tool-Interventions in Small Team Meetings

Virallikattur S Dhenesh


Team meetings are commonly used in decision making process within organisations. However, the tools used are not often designed to support all the potential activities within the meetings. The scope of the study is confined to small face-to-face meetings within South Australian organisations. This qualitative study focuses on the findings from an evaluation carried out to analyse the responses of team leaders when they were provided with a set of team meeting scenarios and necessary tool interventions. A grounded theory approach was used to analyse the responses. The study identified that most of the tools used in meeting scenarios were useful for the teams and team leaders are interested to introduce them in their meetings. The findings would be useful for the system designers who focus on the adoption rates of the tools during their feasibility study and system managers who would be interested in increasing the productivity by introducing new tools within meetings in their organisations. The findings can be extended to study the outcome of tool-interventions in organisations of other geographical locations.

Keywords: Tool-kit, tool intervention, team meetings, teams

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i11.1926


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