Remote Control and Automation of Agriculture Devices Using Android Technology

Ajit Bande, Mrs. V.R. Waghmare,Komal Bhalerao, Tushar Deshmukh, Mukund Jadhav


Remote control systems are a very useful way to control and monitor devices rapidly and effortlessly. This paper proposes a new architecture for remote control of agriculture devices and provides security to the farm through online-streaming. This paper proposes to develop a system that makes use of remote technologies to allow for remote access to the agricultural motor, pesticides thereby making a farmer's work much easier and less dependent of the conditions present. As outcome of this paper an Android application running on a smart phone, connected to the server vie internet is build. This server can be controlled through a small java application written in Java.

Keywords: Wi-Fi, Zigbee, javac, Direct current[DC],GSM,SMS

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