Presenting a tree structure for storing and searching large lists of order O(1)

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Shirin Abbasloo
FarokhKoroupi, Reza Noormanid Pour


Sort the list of greatest concern is that mathematicians are working on optimizing the algorithms. Sort the list so far using linear arrays was performed. Due to the limited size of the linear array and traverse difficult time sorting this type of data structure and it was not desired. Sorting in linear lists must be scanned once for each element and other elements to be compared. Thus, when about twice the size of the list to sort the list (O () to spend.Scrolling up to search for the elements as we move toward the desired element. The best way to split the original list into two smaller lists. With this action against O (Logn) to be spent.In this paperhaspresenteda tree structureforstoringandsearching that can order largelistsinO (n) order time.Italsohasasearchfeatureinthelistofpossiblelistelementsdo not dependon the sizeandtypeofthelististhesametime(O (1)).

Keywords:NLR traversal, Searching algorithm, Sorting algorithm, Tree structure.


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