Security and Privacy Enhancing For Dynamic Groups in the Cloud Using Batch Auditing

M. Tamil Selvan, G. Nanthini, M. Newlin Rajkumar


Cloud computing is a type of computing through which data can be stored, managed and processed remotely rather than locally with essentially the internet. The key characteristics it possesses are numerous like centralized network access, cost, low maintenance, resource-sharing, scalability, etc., are the reasons why the entire world is relayed on cloud computing. In this paper, we propose a secure; privacy enhances multi-owner data sharing for dynamic groups in the cloud. In addition, we propose an auditing service to perform audits for multiple users simultaneously and efficiently, a process called Batch Auditing. As the emerging trend of forming dynamic groups for multi-owner data sharing, finding the odd person in the group is the biggest task. Our implementation performs well relative to the underlying security, privacy enhancing issues for dynamic groups using batch auditing.


Keywords: Cloud Computing, Access Control, Batch Auditability, Privacy Preserving, Data Sharing, Dynamic Groups.

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