Role of New Emerging Technology in English Language Teaching

Neha Singhvi, Dr. Madhvi Rathore


English is a language which has vast scope and influences the whole personality of an individual. There is no doubt that English has become a universal language. Today language teachers are frequently making use of technology. The use of technology not only helps in improving the basic skills but also positively contributes in the development of high thinking skills. The use of technologies such as PowerPoint and interactive white board is attracting the students in classroom. Teachers can teach students basic grammatical rules from the English language exercises available on the Internet. Students can use on line dictionaries, pronouncing dictionaries to improve their communication skills. Students can learn English through language games, video, audio clips, text on internet and other internet language learning software. This paper intends to maximize the positive effect of new emerging technology in teaching English language and to minimize the negative effects of emerging technology in English language teaching. New media usually includes: online news, websites, 3-D and virtual reality environments and effects, highly interactive user interfaces, mobiles, presentation and computing capabilities, telephones, online communities, live internet broadcasting and print media. Our general aim is to explore the design and use of new emerging technology in English language teaching. New emerging technology makes learning atmosphere pleasant and conductive. It replaces our traditional class rooms into smart class rooms.

Key words: universal language, high thinking skills, interactive white board, new emerging technology, online communities.

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