Advancement in Image processing using Android

Mr. Sadanand S . Muktawar, Miss.Juhi R. Bobade, Prof.S.A. Kahate


This paper deals about the introduction of android in mobile devices. The recent trends in android give the future development in
software development kit (SDK) which is ubiquitous in all mobile phones. With this use of android in our mobile phone the compatibility
accessibility and the interface of the mobile phone version ones has been considerably increased. The latest of android allows the
speech recognition facility in the mobile devices. With this further development of android allows us to install video or picture recognition with
moving sensors in our mobile phones.
The widespread use of android application is required to use in general life. The computation time of several common image processing on the
hardware platform with the android operating system. Image processing on mobile phone is a new and exciting field with many challenges due to
limited hardware and connectivity. Image processing is a software application that perform image editing and enhancement such as Adobe
Photoshop. This project is to focus on the image acquisition i.e. image gaining and pre-processing through implementing image addition convolution,
thresholding and edge detection on mobile phone. This software must measure the processing time of processing an individual image independent of
decoding the image and displaying it. The image processing library called JJIL is used for its image decoding function. Keyword : SDK- Software

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