The Cluster Based Approach in Mobile Ad-hoc Network

Naresh Senwaliya, Amit Shashtri, Tarun Shrimali


Mobile Ad-hoc network is a wide area network that can establish anywhere. This network forms a large network without any
complexity. To improve the speed of network and to decrease the overload of network cluster techniques can implements in this network. This
paper defines the different clustering technique with the ad-hoc network. The paper discussed about various methods of clustering and usefulness
of the clustering mechanism and characterizes the solution of network burden. The paper illustrates the formulas of network node selection in
clustering implemented in physical network. This paper talks about the selection of cluster head member and other related member of cluster.
The last section of paper involves replication technique in the cluster oriented network. Where, data must be available for every node.

Keywords: Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Clustering Techniques, Cluster Head Replication.

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