ARM Based Remote control Toy Car

Harish G Langar, Atul P Shinghade, Pavan V Sukode


With ever increasing popularity of ARM core based microcontroller for embedded systems, So decided to incorporate project
utilizing ARM based microcontroller LPC 2129.In this project , ARM based LPC 2129 kit studied & after careful examination of various
functions of pins, suitable pins were chosen & necessary hardware were added to develop simple application of remote control of car . A normal
control toy car has four keys for controlling forward, reverse, right & left turn motions. At any particular time, only one function can be
incorporated and it is observed that car just runs at constant speed and turns abruptly. Our work demonstrates much better control with smoother
acceleration and deceleration along with capability to turn while running at lower speed. PWM capability of LPC 2129 utilized to control speed
of motor using pulse width modulator. Currently two route paths were programmed for control.LCD display interfaced to kit to indicate present
state of car.

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