Design of Grassmannian Weightbooks and Binary weightbooks for MIMO Beamforming Systems

Siva Kiran Varma V, G.V.S.Padma Rao, Buddaraju Revathi


For exploiting the significant diversity in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless systems requires either
complete channel knowledge or knowledge of the optimal beamforming vector; both are hard to realize. Hence a quantized
maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Grassmannian beamforming and Binary Grassmannian beamforming for MIMO Wireless
Systems are proposed where the receiver only sends the label of the best beamforming vector using predetermined codebook to
the transmitter. Grassmannian weightbook gives optimal performance even in high noise environment. The designed Binary
weightbook gives approximately same performance as that of Grassmannian weightbook but with less complexity.

Keywords: Multiple-Input Multiple-Output(MIMO), Transmitter diversity, Quantized feedback, Grassmannian Weightbook,
Binary Weightbook

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