An Efficient Approach for Mining Web Links Based on Priority

K. Swathi, M.Meghana, T.Subba Reddy


A New Page Rank have been proposed to rank the results of a search system based on a user’s topic or query. This paper introduces a concept search based on rating given by the user and the user relevance. New algorithms are presented that utilize web page categories to rank the search results. Web structure mining plays an effective role in this approach. Some page ranking algorithms like PageRank, Weighted PageRank are commonly used for web structure mining. To yield more accurate search results respects to a particular topic, we propose a new concept of taking the user performance rating and user’s view of the page by taking his rating and by taking these two ratings we provide the weightage of that link. Web structure mining that will show the relevancy of the pages of a given topic is better determined, as compared to the existing PageRank, Topic sensitive PageRank and Weighted PageRank algorithms. For ordinary

keyword search queries, our concept will satisfy the topic of the query. Keywords— Web structure mining; PageRank Algorithm; Effective Rating Concept; Priority Algorithm

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