Analysis of Impacted Classes and Regression Test Suite Generation

Aprna Tripathi, Dharmendra Singh Kushwaha, Arun Kumar Misra


Software needs to be changed over time to deal with new requirements, existing faults and change requests. Change made to
software will inevitably have some unforeseen and un desirable effects on other parts of the software. Software Change Impact Analysis
(SCIA) is an approach used to identify the potential effects caused by change made o software. As any change is requested by the client or
user the software project team have not only the objective to incorporate that change in the existing system while to maintain the software
quality is also the other objective. The paper proposes an approach to find the impact set of the change requested by user or client. Author
uses the impact set of the requested change to prepare the test suite for regression testing. The results of proposed approach are illustrated
with a case study. The approach used in this paper finds the regression test suite required for regression testing based on the impact set that
is the sub set of the existing test suite of the system.

Keywords: Software Change Impact Analysis, Regression Testing, Class, Regression Test Suite, Change Element and Impact set.

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