Software Change Validation before Change Implementation

Aprna Tripathi, Dharmendra Singh Kushwaha, Arun Kumar Misra


Software maintenance is the most demanding and most expensive task of the software development. Quality of the regression
testing decides the quality of the maintained software. Several approaches, code-based and model- based are recommended in literature to
minimize the regression test suit. This paper proposes the model based technique to validate the change before implementation. The
approach considers the SRS and UML class diagram for earlier change validation. We update the SRS for including the requested change
and prepare difference_SRS file that contain the differences of old and new SRS. After imposing these changes in UML class diagram,
dependency matrix for both old and new class diagram and a difference dependency matrix from these two dependency matrices is
generated we map the entire changes one by one form difference_SRS file to difference dependency matrix. Using the approach, we have
concluded a case study and observed impressive gains in terms of less requirement of regression testing effort. The result shows that the
approach allows the implementation of change only after validating the requested change after the design phase.

Keywords: Software Change Validation, SRS, Regression Testing, Class Diagram, UML and Dependency Matrix.

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