Content Based Image Retrieval - A survey

Kavitha H, Dr. M. V Sudhamani


This paper focuses on the survey of the technical advancement in the field of Content based image retrieval (CBIR). CBIR refers to any technology that helps in organizing the digital picture archives based on their visual content. The main problem with the current approaches is that they are based on visual similarity that may cause problem due to semantic gap between the low-level content and the higher-level content of an image. Initial phase of research and development in the field of image retrieval based on content can be dated back to the years 1994-2000. Enormous progress has been made during this phase, which has been summarized as high level, that has a clear influence in the current decade and will also influence the CBIR in the future. Effort of this paper is to show the chronological growth in the field of CBIR.


Keywords: Content based image retrieval,digital pictures, low-level content,higher-level content, semantic gap, chronological growth.

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