Performance Computation Metrics for Object-Oriented Software Systems

Vipin Saxena, Santosh Kumar


Due to the evolution of Graphical User Interface (GUI) Technology, many of the software industries are shifting their old traditional software systems towards the object-oriented technology as in comparison; it is much faster than the old structured based technology. A study of the effective software design of object oriented technology is important as one can propose many of similar kinds of comparative designs for one small problem. The present work explores the possibilities of various kinds of metrics used for judging the performance of the object oriented software system. The different proposed metrics have been implemented on a real domain of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India. For this purpose, a well known Unified Modelling Language is used with UML class and Sequence diagrams.


Keywords: UML, Object-Orientation, Computation Metric, Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram.

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