Backpropagation Algorithm for Forecasting the Price of Pulpwood –Eucalyptus

V. Anandhi, Dr. R.Manicka Chezian


Artificial neural networks (ann)are massively interconnected networks of simple elements, which try to interact with the objects of the real world in the same way as that the biological nervous system.forest and forest products play a significant role in the socio economic development in the country. Consumption of paper per person increases every year. Wood pulp is the basic raw material for the paper industries. This paper is an attempt to forecast the price of the pulpwood (eucalyptus) using artificial neural networks.a levenberg-marquardt back propagation (lmbp) algorithm has been used to develop the ann models with input neurons, hidden neurons and the output neurons. A feed forward back propogation network (bpn) algorithm is used for forecasting.

Keywords: artificial neural networks (ann), wood pulp, levenberg-marquardt back propagation (lmbp), pulpwood,back propogation network (bpn)

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