Competent Data Collection and Authentication Protocol: Active Collector Assortment Model (ACAM)

CH. Krishna Prasad, G.Srinivasa Rao


In the case of comprehensive precautious networks there can arise situations where single entity nodes have to negotiate their safeties. Those kinds of nodes give the fake information, and when these nodes are not identified then finally they reach information gatherer i.e. a kind of key-store. These kinds of problems restrict the quantity of usage and also generate wrong indications. So in order to conquer the problem there is possibility of adapting the Usage competent, Information arranger and Validation approach depended Active Collector Assortment Model (ACAM) methodology that is considered in this article. This method utilizes the info validation rules, so called codes in order to find out and eliminate the fake information. The identification continues, and when the information travels from the node to the gatherer i.e. key store every node verifies the truth values produced by MAC and eliminates the info that gives wrong outputs at the starting stages. Finally the key-store sorts out the information which is falsified although they could not be identified by ACAM methodology of sorting. There is another phase in this ACAM which is recognized for the truth values. This other phase is methodology of combined assessment by several nodes in the structure. The total procedure is finished with a transparency of about 14bytes per info and has the capability to finish in 10 transitions between the nodes. With the help of this nearly 80 – 90% of the fake info can be identified. This method also minimizes the consumption of heavy usage nearly to 50%.


Keywords: Data aggregation, sensor networks, ACAM, DAA, Protocol

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