Wireless Internet Access Use by Staff and Students at the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin-Nigeria

Raji, Ayodele Kamaldeen, Oyedepo, Femi Samson, Abdulrahman, Tosho Abdullahi.


The main purpose of this research was to investigate how the academic staff and students are using the Polytechnic wireless Internet access. The goal of the study is to help the Polytechnic management determine the level of acceptance and usage of the Polytechnic wireless Internet access among the academic staff and the students. The study also identified factors that militating against the usage of wireless Internet access. Semi-structure interview, personal observation and questionnaire were employed. The research questions are: What is the level of awareness of wireless Internet access by the academic staff and students? How are academic staff and students using wireless Internet in their offices, lecture rooms and outside the lecture rooms for research? What factors contributed to low usage of wireless Internet access? We used descriptive statistics which include frequencies count, percentage and composite bar charts for the analysis and reporting of the findings of the interview and questionnaire. The result demonstrated that 100% of academic staff respondents are fully aware while 5.5% of students’ respondents are aware of the Polytechnic wireless Internet access. Unavailability of wireless Internet signal at several parts of the Polytechnic and failure to release the password to the staff and students were factors contributed to low usage. It was recommended to the Polytechnic management to install radio at various parts of the Polytechnic to improve the signal and also to create and release password to the interested staff and students.

Keywords: Wireless, Internet Access, Radio, Staff, Students, Internet, VSAT

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v3i4.1278


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