Business Rules in DBMS

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Abhijeet Raipurkar
Gajanan Deokate


Business rule is very important to the modeling and definition of information systems. Business rules are implemented as triggers in relational databases. The rule expresses a policy that how organization carries out a task. Business rules represent information about real world and database is collection of related information. Also people are interested in the set of rules that determines operation of business. Data models in DBMS give the structure of data; business rules are sometimes used to tell how the data can and should be used. There are various types data models supported in DBMS like network model, Hierarchical model and relational model. There are various business rules in DBMS like domain rules, integrity rules and triggering operations. In relational database business rules can be implemented with the help of checks, assertions and triggers. Eliciting, expressing, and capturing business rules is most important in DBMS which makes live databases more strong.


Keywords: Network model, Hierarchical Model, Trigger, Assertion, Domain rule, Integrity Rule


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