LFNRU: A New Hybridized Page Replacement Algorithm for Efficient Memory Management and its Performance Analysis

H. S. Behera, B.Namadipta Patro, Ishita Bhuyan


This paper introduces a new dimension to the existing page replacement algorithms. Combining the LEAST FREQUENTLY USED (LFU) and LEAST RECENTLY USED (LRU) paging algorithms we hereby present a hybridized algorithm that effectively reduces the number of page faults incurred in the former two algorithms. Basically the idea is to compare the counter values and replace the page with a lower counter count and in cases of similar counts the page that has the lesser recent reference is evicted. As we demonstrate with simulation experiments, the “LFNRU-Least Frequently Not Recently Used” algorithm surpasses the performance and efficiency of LFU, LRU, LRU-K AND RLRU page replacement algorithms. Furthermore, the LFNRU algorithm adapts in real time to changing patterns of access.

Keywords: virtual memory, buffer, frame size, LFU, LRU

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v3i3.1181


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