Enhanced Switching Median Filter For Denoising Ultrasound

J. Alavandan, Lt.Dr.S.Santhosh Baboo


Sonar imaging technology is a field that is used in the study of seafloor through the study of high resolution images provided by sonar devices. 2D imaging sonar also referred to as Acoustic cameras, which can be operated from both moving and stationary positions, are used to capture the oceanic images. Imperfect acquisition and transmission errors often distort the signals obtained and as a result, distortion, commonly referred to as “noise”, appears. These unwanted signals have to be removed to improve the quality of the image. Sonar images are often affected by ‘Salt-and-Pepper’ noise. In this paper, a 2-step procedure is used during denoising. The first stage detects noisy regions and the second stage uses enhanced switching median filter to remove the noise. The proposed algorithm was evaluated using metrics like Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, Figure of Merit, Mean Structural Similarity Index and Speed of denoising. The various experiments showed that the performance of the proposed algorithm is efficient in terms of speed of denoising, removal of noise, preservation of edge and structural details.


Keywords: Pre-processing, Salt and Pepper Noise, Sonar Image, Switching Median Filter.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v3i2.1096


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