Security in All-Optical Network using Artificial Neural Network

Inadyuti Dutt, Soumya Paul, Dipayan Bandyopadyay


This paper concentrates on security attacks in All-Optical Network and proposes an algorithm based on the concepts of Artificial Neural Network. The algorithm uses the approach of artificial neurons where numbers of inputs are coupled with their assigned weights to produce an output of desired results. If the output matches a desired result then an internal optical node in a given network can be accessed by an external optical node. Here, the inputs are the external nodes’ source ip-addresses, port numbers and response time in seconds as well as the internal nodes destination ip-addresses, port number and response time in seconds. The algorithm efficiently checks each of the input values assigned with weights and finally grants or forbid dens permission to the external node according to the computed output.

Keywords: All-Optical-Networks (AONs), Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

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